Are You Trusted?

Business today is more competitive than ever. Even the smallest startups have websites today which wasn’t the case just a few short years ago. With the vast options a customer has now, even the slightest thing could sway a customer from one company to another online. Having a trust seal/badge can give you that slight upper hand against your competition.


Consumers today are very protective against being scammed. They are constantly seeking hints and clues to see if your company is going to give them a bad experience. So by displaying a TOP RATED badge on your website will show consumers that other people thought you were a great company for you to be voted best and instantly trust you more. With the Top Rated Badge, rest assured that you will see an increase in traffic and profit.

Customizable Settings

The Top Rated Badge can give you an easy customization control with its visibility in your site.

It can be moved to the left, center, or right or anywhere your heart desires it to be. You can also change the orientation of the badge if you prefer it to be small, medium, or large in size.

It can even be moved around in style if you want it to be floating in and out or not in your website. A simple short code that can be pasted on the site footer will do the trick about the floating badges. The badge also links back to the directory.

No Cost

Did we mention already that this WordPress plugin is completely FREE?